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Meetings of Starcross History will be every other month, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, in the pavilion, from 7:30pm until 9:30pm. All the dates, and the speakers, will be published here, as soon as they are booked.

THERE WILL BE NO MEMBERSHIP FEE, AND NO ADMISSION CHARGE but we need to cover the £20 room hire, and raise funds for projects. So there will be a raffle. PLEASE BRING A RAFFLE PRIZE. And we will charge £1 for refreshments - tea/coffee/squash & biscuit.

Many thanks to all our speakers who freely give their time

The quality, hard enamel club badge depicts The Swan of the Exe. Brown and gold are the colours of the Great Western Railway. This first limited edition is online for £10. 2 for £15 and 4 for £20.
Collect the badges from one of our events, for only £5 each


A big thankyou to the score of people who came to the first meeting on Tuesday, 10th March in the lovely new Starcross pavilion. And another big thankyou to Starcross Parish Council
for allowing us the use of their pavilion for this first meet, FREE OF CHARGE.

 Especial thanks to our speakers: Alison Miles and Peter Hinchliffe. Both speakers gave their time freely. We were unable to offer them anything, even just for their expenses, so this is  a double thankyou to them both.

For those who kindly sent their apologies, and for everyone else who was unable to attend; you missed 2 fantastic speakers who spoke with passion about their subjects:
  • Alison recalled the Past and Present Festival in Starcross last May, which was the starting point for this history group.

  •   She explained the Starcross wallhanging; which is to be a Celebration of Country Living, and recruited members of Starcross History Club to make more panels. 

Until Alison and the group of volunteers from St Paul's Church, Starcross swung into action, the only evidence of the passing of everything to do with the Royal Western Counties Hospital

 was the small, enclosed field behind the St Paul's Church cemetery, which contains the unmarked graves of  the former residents. Now there is a memorial,
and a bench seat, and the makings of a tranquil garden where anyone may sit when they need to have a peaceful place in which to quietly think and reflect.

  • 2015 is the 150th anniversary of William Booth's founding of the Salvation Army  Our second speaker; Peter Hinchliffe's topic was;- The early battles: Police v Salvation Army

The logo for The Salvation Army International Congress 2015
Peter Hinchliffe, himself an ex-copper, astounded us with incredible tales of what is now seen as the nineteenth-century police persecution of the Salvation Army. This happened in Plymouth, Honiton, Crediton, Torquay and further afield. Salvationists were arrested and imprisoned. Salvationalists were killed. An opposing army of thugs; The Skeleton Army had tacit approval to disrupt and attack the salvationists. Amazing; breathtaking; unbelievable, but TRUE stories.
Also thankyou to all those who, as requested,  brought raffle prizes and mugs. And thankyou for buying raffle tickets, and paying £1 for your teas/coffees and biscuits. The raffle was a great success, and we didn't run out of mugs.

Agenda for first meeting of Starcross History 8:00pm Tuesday 10th March 2015 in Starcross pavilion, by kind permission of Starcross Parish Council
·       Members will be invited to enter their email and telephone numbers in the Membership Book, and add details about their areas of interest and/or expertise.
·       Copies of the draft constitution will be available for comment
·       Raffle tickets £1 each.
·       There will be a collection

1.               Chair’s summary of what we are about. Discussion invited
2.               Date for visit to Topsham Museum
3.               Date time and place of next meeting
4.               Speaker: Alison  Miles “A Starcross Country Celebration”

Refreshments on sale

5.               Speaker: Peter Hinchliffe “The Early Battles; Police v. Salvation Army.”
6.               Raffle draw. Unclaimed prizes will be retained for another raffle.

The Constitution of Starcross History
This group shall be called ‘Starcross History’
  • ·                  to invite speakers to meetings
  • ·                  to chronicle the history of Starcross1
  • ·                  to chronicle the histories of Starcross residents
  •             to catalogue and photograph buildings of interest 
  •             to have an online archive in form of website and/or a blog
  • ·                  to make audio &/or video &/or written record of the history of Starcross and its residents
  • ·                  to record the whereabouts of artefacts associated with Starcross
  • ·                  to encourage, carry out, or help with; tangible projects which document , publicise or enhance historical aspects of Starcross
  • ·                  to document archaeological sites in the area
  • ·                  to investigate archaeological sites in the area
  • ·                  to publicise historical aspects of Starcross
  • ·                  to contact the descendants of Starcross historical figures, to keep them informed about our relevant research and/or projects 
  •            to visit places which have a connection to Starcross 
  •           to hold social events
  •            to fundraise to support all these activities
Starcross will benefit from these activities because a wider and more extensive knowledge of its history will add to its identity.
To join, anyone may add their name and contact details to the list of members held by the committee.
Starcross History  is open to anyone who supports the aims of the group and participates in its activities
The group will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.
There will be no membership fee. Instead, there will be collections and raffles at meetings, and fundraising events.  This will provide funds for speakers, room hire, storage facilities, a website, insurance  and administration.
Membership will cease when members  stop volunteering or attending activities, or when they ask for their name to be deleted from the members’ list.
Initially, a committee will be formed from volunteers. The committee will comprise: Chair. Secretary and Treasurer. Further committee members may be co-opted because they have particular skills or knowledge.  Thereafter. a  committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting
Committee meetings will take place as required
The quorum for committee meetings will be half the number on the committee at the time
Starcross History will hold a meeting every one or two months.
The date, time and place of the meetings will be advertised
A financial statement will be presented.
Members and/or invited speakers can address the meeting.
The meeting can discuss progress on projects, decide on new projects and plan future activities.
There will be no charge to attend, but there will be a collection, and a raffle, and a charge for refreshments.
Annual General Meeting
 Annual General Meetings will take place with a maximum interval of 15 months
The date, time and location of the AGM will be published on the internet, and in the local media.
Members must submit items for discussion at least two weeks before the published date of the meeting
Nominations for the committee will be taken as soon as the meeting date is published, and at the meeting
To be entitled to vote, members must have attended at least 2 meets in the last year, or, or have participated in a project during the last year.
The quorum for this meeting is set at 5% of the membership, or 6.
The Lloyds Bank Treasurer's Account will require 2 signatories: the treasurer and a committee member.
Withdrawals will be made by cheque - requiring 2 signatures. A committee member and the treasurer will hold debit cards.
There will be online facilities for this bank account,
All monies raised at meetings and fundraising events will be counted by 2 members. The amounts will be verified and recorded. The monies may be held by the treasurer or a committee member, and a financial statement presented to the meetings.
Signatories on  the bank account will be a committee member and the treasurer.
Records of income and expenditure will be maintained by the treasurer and a financial statement given to each meeting
An annual statement of accounts will be presented to the Annual General Meeting
All money raised Starcross History will be spent solely on the objects laid out in the constitution

If it is agreed to dissolve the group all remaining money and other assets, once outstanding debts have been paid, will be donated to a relevant Starcross community organisation.


1 The word  ‘Starcross’ will mean ‘Starcross, in Devon, and the surrounding area’


  1. Very interesting website.
    About / Finance point 1 seems to be in Russian.

    1. Thankyou for your observation. That sentence is gabbled. mea culpa. Printed copies of this document-in-progress were supposed to have been presented at the first meet, but I forgot so they will be presented tonight. Meanwhile, there has been a change - a Lloyds Bank Treasurer's Account is in the process of being opened by the treasurer and the chair(me), so that point can be altered. I'll do it now.
      Thanks again for your help