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Starcross is part of the Villages in Action project Unearth.
 The 4 communities taking part villages this year are Colyford and Colyton Parish, Rattery, Starcross and Whimple.
Here's the link to "Doing Local History - Be a History Detective" from Jon Nichol 

A dozen history enthusiasts met in St Paul's Church, Starcross on Wednesday 23rd November at 7:30pm. Kate Green from Villages in Action chaired the discussion.
  HERE'S the link to the post about this meeting

Links to web pages for the ViA Unearth project 
Rattery - Unearth Rattery
Starcross - Unearth 
Facebook. Unearth Heritage Project Facebook page

Links to websites for the 8 communities in the 2 year project:

 Brentor - Brentor Village; a Dartmoor Community
 Buckfastleigh Bold, Beautiful Buckfastleigh. Website for the town of Buckfastleigh
Chagford  Chagford Parish
 Colyford and Colyton Parish  Colyford Village
Colyton Parish Council 
 Crediton  Crediton Area History & Museum Society
Rattery  Rattery Parish Website 
Starcross   Starcross Parish Council
Starcross History
Whimple  Whimple History Society

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