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Friday, 26 August 2016

Bennett of Kenton or Starcross


I've been researching our families history for a while now and I've got to a lady called Mary Ann Bennett born in Starcross in 1800, baptised in Kenton on 10 July 1800 to parents James Bennett and Elizabeth.
I know Mary married in London to Holtaway. I can't find out anymore about her family - can you help?



Thursday, 4 August 2016

Peacock is peacock-shaped

Many thanks to Liz and Roger from Trail Recycled Art in the Landcape who helped get our peacock into a peacock shape today. Doesn't he look gorgeous?

It would be great if he looked magnificent from behind too so we need more eyes!
The eyes can be made from any recycled stuff. You need to have 3 concentric circles - use CDs,  foil, the tops of  plastic containers,  milk-bottle tops and  buttons. Thread thin wire through your pile of 3 circles and leave a couple of inches of wire so that there is enough wire to thread through the blue scaffolding netting and tie it off.  Then your eye is ready to be fixed to the tail!

Please drop your eyes round to Myrtle Cottage and they'll get put on to the tail