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Mosaic and TRAIL exhibit workshops at Starcross Primary School

After the summer half-term, artists from Starcross History will visit Starcross Primary School and work with the children to complete a mosaic which has been designed by Stanley Beck from Year 1. Stanley won the competition to design it. It's a beautiful rainbow and a sun, with the words Welcome to Our School
  • The artists will also work with the children to add a tail to this year's exhibit on the Teignmouth Recyled Art in the Landscape sculpture trail which is  Kattanga; the Coathanger Horse. AND they'll create sea from old scaffolding netting and CDs,  and monstrous plastic monsters from beach flotsam; so that Kattanga can gaze at the GALLOPING pollution of the 5 oceans... which are?
  • Atlantic Ocean.
  • Arctic Ocean.
  • Indian Ocean.
  • Pacific Ocean.
  • Southern Ocean

July 2018 until September 2018

Entry for Teignmouth Recycled Art in the Landscape T.R.A.I.L.


This year, the inspiration has been from artists Sayaka Ganz  
and Miriam Amery-Gale
who both make beautiful sculptures, full of movement. In keeping with T.R.A.I.L.'s message about the pollution of the oceans with plastic, the sculptures are from redundant pieces of plastic. 
The title of the 2018 entry from Starcross History will be "Horse". Attempts will be made to create horses from thrownaway plastic coathangers, kitchen utensils and other plastic. The sculptures must be durable enough to last the summer on the windy Teignmouth seafront. 

Please get in touch if you fancy having a go at creating a horse - or helping with one. Sakaya and Miriam have set the standard high... The first thing you need to think about a strong armature, or base, for your sculpture. To comply with Health and Safety, the sculptures on T.R.A.I.L. have to be firmly anchored down, and all the parts must be securely attached. TRAIL's preferred method is to use wooden stakes with metal drive-in spikes
Plastic can be drilled, and wire could be used to securely attach each plastic item.


Meet: Wednesday May 16th 7:30pm in St Paul's Church

The next meet of Starcross History will be on Wednesday May 16th at 7:30pm in St Paul's Church. There will be discussion about the Starcross archive. More details to follow

The date of the next meet of Starcross History has been rearranged and will now be on March 14th, 7:30pm in St Paul's Church

No entry fee and no membership fee, PLEASE BRING A RAFFLE PRIZE. After a short agm, Alma Harding and Joanne Bickel will lead a mosaic workshop; to make mosaics to mark a Starcross History Trail. Where else could the trail go? What else could it commemorate?  Add tesserae to our mosaics. Or design your own - you'll need a base for your mosaic (a piece of wood or something else), some cut tiles and some waterproof tile cement. Phone Starcross 890650 to find out more and book your table.
 Our this year's exhibit on the Teignmouth Recycled Art in the Landscape sculpture trail will include this mosaic of a forge. To show you the another  stage of outdoor mosaic production, you can have a go at grouting in the tiles.

Wednesday 8th November

7:30pm in St Paul's Church


The next meet of Starcross History will be on Wednesday, 8th November at 7:30pm in St Paul’s Church. No membership fee and admission is free. We have to pay for the room, so we charge £1 for tea/coffee and £1 a strip for raffle tickets. Please bring a raffle prize.

Ian Graham-Jones has kindly agreed to present an illustrated talk about John Marsh’s visits to Starcross and Dawlish. John Marsh  (1752 -1828)  was perhaps the most prolific English composer of his time - over 350 works. He had varied interests; from bellringing and religion to astronomy and geometry. His 37 journals are valuable sources of information on life and music in 18th -19th century England. They remained unpublished until 1998. (wiki)

  • Jumble Sale in the Autumn CANCELLED

Saturday May 20th

Workshops and display in St Paul's Church as part of their Thankyou for the Music weekend.
The workshops were:
Glass Harmonica

Comb&paper mouthorgan

Wednesday 10th May

7:30pm in St Paul's Church


More Starcross Stories Unearthed

This meeting will continue to look at the stories unearthed by the Villages in Action project to unearth the history of 8 Devon villages. The Starcross research material has been given to the Villages in Action Artists, who are hard at work creating a Villages in Action happening... What will it be? What will a playwright, an actor, a visual artist and a singer-songwriter create?
A fantastic amount of material has been unearthed - but the enthusiasm to discover even more Starcross Stories won't end with this project. Villages in Action will put everything on a special website, but what else can we do? 
Could we publish ebooks aimed at the Key Stages of the National Curriculum? Should we aim for a hard copy of a book? 
Unlike an ordinary village, Starcross's history has universal appeal. We have evidence of Romans using the river. There were Roundhead v Cavalier battles fought on our shores. The remarkable Swan Boat is still within living memory, and its Victorian designer was the redoubtable Victorian; Captain George Peacock. Also within living memory is the Royal Western Counties Hospital, with its wonderful innovations for the education of idiots. Then there's the scenic Great Western railway line; still dubbed God's Wonderful Railway. And we can't forget  Brunel's Atmospheric Caper
 The online British Newspaper Archive and the Devon Heritage Centre in Sowton continue to yield more tales. These have been augmented with local knowledge from some of Starcross's more senior residents, and caches of documents and photographs from places which include Starcross School,   St Paul's Church and the village pubs.

Meet the artists

Wednesday April 19th, 6:00pm in St Paul's Church is when we present our unearthed Starcross Stories to the artists for the Villages in Action Unearth project
The artists are:
Jim Causley : Songwriter, folk musician
Peter Margerum : Visual artist, sculptor
Lucy Bell : Playwright, producer, director
Charlie Coldfield : Actor

Unearth project - copying your pictures and information

Sunday, 5th March 2017 from 2:00pm until 4:00pm in St Paul's Church
Please bring pictures and information about our village's past so that we may make photocopies

Starcross Stories

On Wednesday afternoon, 25th January, from 3pm until 5pm in St Paul’s, we hope that some key people from our community will accept our invitation to join us for tea and cakes, to share their Starcross Stories with us. Everyone’s welcome.

Wednesday, 11th January 2017 


 Villages in Action Film Show.  
Films about Starcross from South West TV and Film Archive
Villages in Action suggest a £3 entry charge

Thursday, 8th December

7:30pm St Paul's Church

Unearth project meeting

Everyone is welcome to come along to unearth the history of Starcross. Please bring any photographs or artefacts you have unearthed, and let's see how your questions can be answered

Wednesday, 23rd November

in St Paul's Church: 7:30pm: 

Kate Green from Villages in Action lead discussion about Project Unearth 
Enthusiastic volunteers are invited to come along, to share ideas about the most popular aspects of Starcross history, and how they can be researched. 

Lottery funding has been achieved by Villages in Action to:
  1.  publish, online, the research from each of 8 Devon communities. 
  2. hire professionals to create and perform a multi-media production for each community.

  • Wednesday, 9th November 2016

Kate Green from Villages in Action introduced Project Unearth in which Starcross will take part.

  Saturday October 29th 2:00pm

refreshments. tombola. raffle.

proceeds will be shared with St Paul's
Please bring jumble to Myrtle Cottage EX6 8QT
or to St Paul's on the day, or on Tuesday morning, October 25th

Weds Sept 14th 7:30pm
St Paul’s Church, Starcross EX6 8PA       
Finding out about the history of ourselves and our local community is a fascinating  challenge. We will explore some aspects of unlocking the mysteries of Starcross's past through looking at some of the evidence upon which it is based.

Guest appearance:
Mr Isambard Kingdom Brunel


Trail Recycled Art in the Landscape from July 2016 until September

All the peacocks' tails from our Peacocks' Tails History Trail in April have been turned into a sculpture and installed on Teignmouth seafront for the summer.

  • Saturday June 18th

    Starcross Scarecrow Day

    The Starcross History entry in the village Scarecrow Day is an amalgam of all the tails from our Peacocks' Tails' History Trail this St George's Day; April. 23rd.

    Ms Peacock


    JUMBLE SALE in St Paul's Church EX6 8QB

Saturday June 4th from 2pm

Tea/coffee and an assortment of delicious home baking

The jumble leftovers  will go to the   Westbank charity shop
and to the Exeter Turntables project
Please leave jumble at Myrtle Cottage anytime - entrance in New Road and Swan Road
or from 10:30 on the day
Clothes. Toys. Bedding. Bric-a-brac. Plants. small items of Furniture. ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT THAT SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT WANT except people and pets!

Parrot, Hats, Masks and Scarecrows at the Starcross Village Activity Day this Saturday

When St Paul's Church held their All Creatures Great and Small Festival over the May Bank Holiday weekend, Starcross History's contribution was meant to be a steampunk workshop - so what's steampunk  AND creaturely?  STEAMPUNK PARROTS
So Starcross History helped children make Parrots out of card, lolly sticks, buttons and bits of material. Many thanks to Pauline Allen for staying all day to help.

There's some leftover parrotmaking stuff, so we'll do the parrot workshop again at the Starcross Village Activities Fair this Saturday in the pavilion on Starcross Sportsfield.
Parking is off General's Lane EX6 8PY

 We also have a quantity of hats&masks leftover from our September steampunk hat workshop. We hope that these will inspire people to create a scarecrow for the Starcross Scarecrow Festival on June 18th

so we will give them away to anyone who wants to put it on their Scarecrow Day scarecrow.
You don't have to live in Starcross to enter a scarecrow - you can bring it for display on Starcross Sportsfield  



  • Meeting in St Paul's Church

    Wednesday, 11th May 2016

    There is no charge for admission and no charge for membership. History should be FREE.

    but it costs £20 to hire the room, so we ask you to please bring a raffle prize. To cover the cost of room hire, we sell raffle tickets for £1 and tea/coffee is also £1

    This will be our AGM so we won't have a speaker. Instead, we ask you to bring your photographs and Starcross-related artefacts for a Show and Tell after we've done the boring stuff which will be to:
    • ask for some help with organising the group - Monica will be happy to continue with the online stuff, but it would be great if someone else could chair the meetings. Barbara will be happy to to continue as treasurer if no-one else would like to so do. We'd like to have a secretary or a publicity officer or whatever role anyone might like to accept.
    • adopt the constitution. This is published here. Hard copies will be available. It's a standard document which lists the aims of Starcross History and how it's run. It presently says that when Starcross History is dissolved, monies will go to the Topsham Museum. The meeting will discuss any points about this constitution, amend as necessary, and vote to adopt the finalised document
    • review the achievements of Starcross History
    • plan for the future



Saturday, 30th April from 10:00am until 4:00pm

part of the All Creatures Great and Small weekend at St Paul's

Starcross History will run a

  Parrot and Hat and Animal Mask Workshop - with a touch of steampunk

parrot cut from gold card with some of the decoration


We ask for a donation please, for the materials you choose. 
There's card for the parrots and the masks

We have some brightly coloured net, and some more bits and pieces for you to choose to stick on your creation.

Pick one of our hats, or bring your own. 
Decorate your hat with creatures and feathers to compliment the theme of the weekend. Wind-up watches, spectacles, nuts, bolts and and flowers could give them a touch of steampunk. 
If you have any materials to donate, please get in touch.


The Peacock's Tail Trail : a trail around some historically interesting places in Starcross. 

  •   St George's Day Saturday April 23rd

    starting and finishing at St Paul's Church

    TRAIL OPENS AT 12 noon

    St Paul's will open from 1:30pm until 3:00pm


      • Teas, Coffees and fantastic cakes

        • BRING AND BUY     

Please bring something to sell if you can. Profits from the bring and Buy will  go to St Paul's Church. 
The TEDDY ToMBoLA will be run by the Starcross Westbank Charity  shop

Peacocks' tails remind us of the Starcross adventurer and inventor, Captain George Peacock. 

First of all, buy your copy of the Peacocks' Tails Trail for 50p. This is a list of all the clues to where you will find the peacocks' tails, with spaces for you to stamp the special Peacocks' Tails Trail stamps.

We aim to have the tails and the stamps in place by 12NOON on  St George's Day.

Follow the first clue to Captain Peacock's grave, which is in St Paul's churchyard. Hidden nearby you will find Captain Peacock's letterbox stamp, which has been especially made by Melissa Muldoon. Use the stamp pad (or you could bring one of your own) to stamp your copy of the Peacocks' Tails Trail, or you could have your own book you might like to stamp.
Then answer the question about Captain George Peacock
and on to the next clue...

The last clue is St Paul's Church. When you have answered all the questions, and collected as many stamps as you can, VOTE FOR THE BEST TAIL

then you can claim your Peacock Tails' Trail Certificate.

The first few back will also get to choose a little peacocky prize - we have some peacock feathers, and we've been collecting a few other peacocky bits and pieces.

The Peacock Tails' Trail Certificates each feature one of Melissa Muldoon's beautifully drawn peacocks - which you can colour in

Captain George Peacock 1805 - 1883
 The tails are fantastic creations. Melissa Muldoon's Peacock Club at Starcross Primary School made nine tails. Messy Church, Starcross pre-School and local residents are busy making more - from mainly plastic junk.

Here's the trophy which will be awarded for the Best Peacock Tail after the votes have been counted.


  • Meeting in St Paul's Church rooms, Church Street Starcross, Exeter, Devon. EX6 8QB.
    No admission charge and no joining fee but PLEASE BRING A RAFFLE PRIZE

Wednesday March 9th 2016 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Speaker Valerie Forrester:

Brunel's Pumping House in Starcross

Booklet price £3: What was an Atmospheric Railway? by Richard A Forrester



  • Meeting in  St Paul's Church rooms,  Church Street Starcross, Exeter, Devon. EX6 8QB
    No admission charge and no joining fee but PLEASE BRING A  
    many thanks to Mr Betts at Abbey School for this chocolate photo

Wednesday January 13th 2016 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Speaker: Andrew Cadbury: Cadbury's of Bournville

We'll hear all about the history of his family, and the story of chocolate

Chocoholics welcome

The Church music group rehearses every Wednesday in the main Church, until 7:30. This means that the Church will be open, so we'll be able to go straight in to set up in the rooms at the back - no more waiting outside in the rain.


 Meeting in the new pavilion on Starcross Sportsfield EX6 8PY

Wednesday November 11th 2015 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Speaker: Ian Goodrick

 Pycroft to Rycroft  Your local doctors 1850s to 1950s

George Pycroft was a true Victorian polymath who was keen on local geology and the history of playing cards. Richard Rycroft (my predecessor) was a D Day medic and Johnny Iles worked from Swan House in Starcross from 1906 till end of WW2.

JUMBLE SALE in St Paul's Church EX6 8QB

Saturday October 24th from 2pm

The team from St Paul's Church swung into action to provide teas&coffees & biscuits, as well as the manpower needed for the stalls.

The proceeds of the raffle and the sale was £202. St Paul's Church and Starcross History had half each. There was only 1 carful of jumble left over, which was taken to the Westbank Charity shop on The Strand. We would have taken any more to The Force Cancer Charity's shop in Fore Street, Heavitree, Exeter, who were very kind to offer to dispose of any surplus.

Many thanks to everyone who donated items. Thankyou to our customers for spending loadsamoney at the sale. And a huge thankyou to all at St Paul's, for storing the jumble, hosting the sale, and running the event.

Jumble sales are a great way to raise money: recycle stuff, get bargains, and have fun. In fact, the Starcross Twinning Group are planning a jumble sale... but they won't let it clash with our next one, which is to be on June 4th 2016.

Late  September  2015

Our sculpture of The Swan of the Exe has been taken down from in front of Teignmouth Pier on the  Trail Recycled Art in the Landscape project. The gabionfull of flotsam&jetsam and her magnificent plumage has found a home in Holcombe Community Orchard

Holcombe Community Orchard from

Wednesday September 9th:  

 in the new pavilion on Starcross Sportsfield
Speaker :Sally Ayres:
Rear Admiral Francis Godolphin Bond sailed to Tahiti in 1791 with his uncle, who was The Bounty's Captain William Bligh. Bond retired to Starcross after 1801. The rare Tahitian artefacts he collected are displayed in the Royal  Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. He is buried in Exeter Higher Cemetery

in St Paul's Church Starcross EX6 8PA

Saturday September 12th from   9am until 4pm

Steampunk hat made at the workshop by a 6-year-old

  • Wednesday July 8th: in the new pavilion on Starcross Sportsfield

Adam Golding presented some of Gordon White's Starcross Stories
Vicky Jocher showed the maquette of The Swan of the Exe scuplture. The meet visited the former village sweet shop, Myrtle Cottage, to see the assemblage

  • Wednesday May 13th 2015: in the new pavilion on Starcross Sportsfield


Janet Cutler. Brunel in the West Country

Janet Cutler gave a wickedly humorous illustrated talk on Brunel in the West Country. The slides she showed demonstrated the great determination she had to get some of  the wonderful shots. The one of the SS Great Britain's last time afloat - as she lumbered up the Avon into Bristol, showed how decrepit the old boat was, after her sojourn in The Falklands as a warehouse and then being scuttled and left to rot. The cartoon on THIS LINK gives an idea of the frenzied crowds as they jostled for a position to see the fragile wreck go under the suspension bridge 127 years after she left Bristol. Janet Cutler stayed put, and got the shot she wanted, which showed the ravages of an 8,000 mile journey on an already dangerously deteriorated hulk.
There were shots of the broadgauge loco, The North Star, and stories of the chaos when broad gauge met narrow gauge... or any gauge met a gauge of a different size

Many shots focussed on the beauty of Brunel's structures - he was an architect of some skill, as well as an engineer. Brunel's famous suspension bridge wasn't actually built by Brunel. It was built after he died, as a memorial to the great man. 

Luci Coles from Teignmouth's Trail Recycled Art in the Landscape            

Luci Coles explained the passions, for both sculpture and the environment, behind Trail Recycled Art in the Landscape. Starcross History will recreate Captain George Peacock's The Swan of the Exe for this year's sculpture trail in Teignmouth. Luci talked about the involvement of schools and community groups, and businesses in the project. She spoke of the ability which art has to get a message across to everyone... but not everyone will go into an art gallery, so TrailArt has a universal impact. The message is about pollution, especially plastic pollution. The Waitrose sculpture will use materials that are not currently recycled, such as polystyrene.



Wednesday, March 10th 2015: in the new pavilion on Starcross Sportsfield

Wow! What a fantastic facility the new pavilion is for Starcross. Well done Jim Hopper and all on the Parish Council for this wonderful achievement 

  Alison Miles: The Starcross Wall Hanging

Alison appealed  for more squares to be completed for the Starcross Wall Hanging. This wall hanging
is part of the Starcross Past and Present celebrations at St Paul's Church. Everyone in the village, and all the village organisations, have been contacted to provide a square.
Sewing the square for the Memorial Garden for the Royal Western Counties Hospital

The completed Starcross Wall Hanging inside St Paul's Church

 Peter Hinchliffe:  The early battles: Police v Salvation Army

The logo for The Salvation Army International Congress 2015
Boundless. The Salvation Army International Congress 150th Anniversary 1-5 July, London 
Peter Hinchliffe, himself an ex-copper, astounded us with incredible tales of what is now seen as the nineteenth-century police persecution of the Salvation Army. This happened in Plymouth, Honiton, Crediton, Torquay and further afield. Salvationalists were arrested and imprisoned. Salvationalists were killed. An opposing army of thugs; The Skeleton Army had tacit approval to disrupt and attack the salvationists. Amazing; breathtaking; unbelievable, but TRUE stories.

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