We have never charged admittance to our meetings because we believe that History should be Free for All. Now that we have all our meetings online, we can't flog raffle tickets or teas& coffees, or have a voluntary collecting pot. 
We have ambitions to make cash from a YouTube channel, but this will be a long time project... We'll need over 30,000 followers and we'll need to register as a charity.
Meanwhile, if you have enjoyed one or more of our ZOOM meetings, perhaps you would kindly donate something.
We would like to keep going. There's the cost of the ZOOM app, and, sometimes, an honorarium for the presenter. 

We also have more projects we'd like to see through.

The 2021 entry on the Teignmouth Recycled Art in the Landscape sculpture trail is The Starcross Mermaid. She'll be surrounded by a Plastic Carousel. Starcross Primary School, Messy Church at St Paul's and Starcross residents are all helping to make the Mermaid's Braids from net bags and netting, which doesn't photodegenerate as rapidly as other brightly coloured plastics.
We use recycled materials to make our sculptures, but we have to buy the fixings to make the sculpture secure. 

With help from Starcross Primary School, we have made some mosaics from old tiles, bottle caps and plastic from car lights. So far, we've managed to scrounge the marine ply and concrete slab bases, and the waterproof tile cement. Mozaics are planned to commemorate:
the sailed barges that carried limestone from Berry Head to the limekilns on the Cockwood straight;
the animals who perished in wars. (A purple poppy);
Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Atmospheric Railway, which ran through Starcross where one of his pumping stations still survives;
Mr Sercombe, the basket weaver;
Jack Wills, the bicycle repairer;

We would like to restore the Peacock tomb in
St Paul's Churchyard, and also to create a
 memorial which is specific to our Victorian polymath. Captain George Peacock pioneered the Panama and Corinth Canals, invented a screw propeller and a saltwater purifier, as well as moored his fabulous maritime folly, The Swan of the Exe, here by the Starcross Pier. 

The Starcross Parish Council have agreed to the principal of siting of a Stairs Cross somewhere on The Strand. The name Starcross could have derived from a stone cross which marked the landing of the ferry, at the top of stone steps. Research is ongoing.
Read about Stairs Cross here

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  1. Thank you for including the Shillingford History Society in all your invitations to meetings. Diana Trout. Sec.